A poetic meditation on masculinity by Madrid-based director Federico Canal Santiangeli. Juxtaposing colloquial language with a mix of provocative visuals, “ABSOLUCIÓN” challenges toxic and unrealistic identity models while calling for more diverse and inclusive conceptions that can contribute more productively to society:

“We are witnessing a battle, a fight between Gender Equality and the Patriarchal Paradigm. Women clamor for their rights and flag brave feminist movements towards equality. Now, what role do men have here? Are they going to be active or passive in this revolution?”


Marc Montojo
J. Perry
Nico Chiaravalloti
Miguel Alvarez Iglesias
Jesús Gutiérrez
Panchi Campodionico
Fernando Urbelua
Carlos Guerra
Josh Huerta
Juan Cabarroca “Chino”
Hornella Góngora
Ricardo Keegan

Director: Federico Canal Santiangeli
Writer: Rodrigo Molinero de la Pisa
DOP: Nacho Toledo Roca
Produced by Fede – Rodri – Nacho
Production Design: Mireia Soto
Costume Design: Carmen Collado
Editor: Nerea Mugüerza
Voiceover: Wences Lamas
Gaffer: Javier Villareal
Creative Directors: Federico Canal Santiangeli, Rodrigo Molinero
Color: Nacho Toledo
Music: Reserva Espiritual de Occidente
Sound: The Lobby
English Version: Iñaki Agustín
Special Collaboration:
CASABANCHEL – LeeFilms – BurgerJoint
MAP – Sercivi – The Lobby – GDR OCAÑA – Iñaki Agustín


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