A fun short about media misinformation by director Piotrek Matejkowski (previously featured here). Particular to the times we’re living in now, “7 Faktów” (7 facts) offers a lighthearted perspective on current trends in how people receive information.

“We have long suspected that the first was an egg, but today we have strong evidence that the first was a chicken.” – Dr. Colin Freeman,  Faculty of Materials Science at Sheffield University, Jul 15, 2010


Starring Piotr Rogucki & Ishi
Directed by Piotr Matejkowski
Written by Piotr Starzyk & Piotrek Matejkowski
Cinematography by Jakub Burakiewicz
Edit: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Casting: Sylwia Blaszczyk
Costume: Weronika Wojtach
Horse Tamer: Wojtek Orlik
Sound Post-Production: Błażej Kafarski @ Studio Głośno
Sound On Set: Bernard Sierakowski
Colour: Piotr Sasim @ Platige Image
Music: Novi Singers
Thanks to SKJ Bajardo stable


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