Great portrait of the Detroit City Football Club’s Northern Guard Supporters by Detroit-based director Kurt Schneider of Eightfold Collective (previously featured here). Arguably the most passionate group of sports fans in the United States, it doesn’t matter to them if the soccer world knows the name Detroit City, The Northern Guard Supporters will stand and sing every second of a match while setting off colourful smoke bombs and swearing, a lot.


Produced by Eightfold
Director: Kurt Schneider
Producer: Nico Poalillo
DP: Ben Webber
2nd Unit DP: Jeff Sukes
1st AC: Emily Nichols
Location Sound: Gabriel Sayre
Sound Design: Tailorsound
Composer: David Chapdelaine
Color: Jacob McKee
Editor: Kurt Schneider
Assistant Editor: Evan Denomme
VFX: Ben Webber

Special Thanks:
Dean Simmers
Amanda Jaczkowski
Andrew Goode
Anthony Kalil
Hiatus Post


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