Young people from around the world share their experiences of the current Coronavirus crisis in this short documentary by Germany-based director Anthony Capristo:

“Over the last two month I’ve talked to many young people about the global pandemic we all have to face right now. How they feel and how this situation affects their personal lifes and the lifes of their beloved family members and friends…. I hope this global crisis brings us closer together. Mitsuki, a young girl from Tokyo who’s part of this film, said: ‘I wish you to be able to heal someone with words in this chaotic situation.’ I couldn’t have said it better.”


Adam Bengana
Liam Brönner
Maria Caramello
Rafaela De Oliveira Souza
Claudio Escobar
Jackson Kelley
Kwankitiya Kwankong
Alessandro Poletti
Lisa Schwab
Emma Villiers
Mitsuki Yanagawa

Directed by Anthony Capristo
Edited by Victor Haselmayer
Music & Sound Design by Staub Audio GmbH
Composed by Moritz Staub
Grading by Nadir Mansour

Shot by
Arthur Cauty
Daniel Haußmann
Anna Kuo
Chris Orr
Marco Schott
Earl Stanford
Goro Ushijima

Paris Shots ©DRONE PRESS
Cape Town Shots ©STEP ABOVE
Earth Shots ©NASA

Special Thanks: Luke Bell, Nadia Dassouki, Benoît Decout,
Arthur Diop-Dubois, Michael Feick, Sina Herbert,
Kenji Lepetre Sato, Anna Liu, Alejandro Lopéz,
Sonia Rivas, Kimberley Smith, Jan Stollberg,
Marc Strottner, Davide Tosetti, Jean Villiers


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