Lovely video for Meryem Aboulouafa written and directed by filmmaking duo Zhang & Knight of Paris-based studio Birth. In “Deeply” Zhang & Knight invite us to escape into a different reality through their colour work and custom-made decor:

“We love exploring the emotions that spaces evoke, so designing this set was a wonderful process. As well as the physical dimensions, many days were spent considering how light and colour would then transform the world.”


Written and Directed by Zhang & Knight
Produced by Birth
CEO & Producer: Hugo Legrand-Nathan
Executive Production: Kristin Arakchieva & Alexander Kenanov (B2Y)
Line Producer: Thomas Aboulker
Junior Line Producer: Sarah Chayeb
Label Manager: Emmanuel Barron
Sound Producer: Para One
Cinematographer: Nico Poulsson
Production Designer: Sabina Hristova
Choreographer: Simon Donnellon
Stylist: Isabelle Bardot
Assistant Director: Boyka Pehlivanova
Head of Technicians: Dragomir Arnaudov
SFX Technician: Ivaylo Angelov
VFX Supervisor on set
Head of Post-Production: Morgan Mirza
Editor: Liam Bachler
Colorist: Daniel De Vue
Post-Prod Firm: Manuel Béard & Coralie Duarte
Post-Prod FIRM: Stéphanie Dubois Graphistes, Thomas Cureaux & Mickael Lauret
Post-Prod Eighty4: Nicolas Martinez
Freelance: Jerome Richou, Antoine Hache


This video was submitted by Birth and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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