Great mix of visuals in this video for Drama by directors Scott Perry and Tucker Bliss aka justfriends. Inspired by their own recent breakups, “Forever And A Day” explores the feeling of paralysis and helplessness after the end of a longterm relationship. As Perry describes:

“You feel you gave every bit of your soul to saving something, but it just wasn’t possible. So of course, you spend the next few months of your life going over how you could have saved it. In this aftermath, life feels almost paused, we’re lost in thought, distracted, daydreaming, staring off into oblivion, plagued by inner monologue. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just the way it is. So we wanted to make a film that focuses on this pause, where basic existence feels impossible, but you have to stomach it and ride it out.”


Directed by justfriends (Scott Perry & Tucker Bliss)
DP: Mika Altskan
Editor: Dylan Edwards
Producer: Josh Sondock
EP: Luigi Rossi
Colorist: Jacob Mckee
Art Direction: Sharon Vion
Wardrobe: Alexandra Bernabei
Sound Design/Mix: Nikolay Antonov
Casting by Nouri Hassan @Xyne
Film lab: Metro Post


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