Great energy and creativity to this video for Lewis Del Mar by New York-based director duo Jason Sondock and Simon Davis aka rubberband. (previously featured here). Made in a single take over the course of 14 hours with a micro crew, “The Ceiling” offers a practical metaphor for the album’s dichotomy of nature and industry using a mix of old and new technology:

“We did two takes consecutively (a couple loopy back to back all nighters), the camera tracking from one window in Jason’s apartment (at sunset) to the other (at sunrise), traveling 43 feet in total. We used a MoCo rig that was shipped from LA to NYC and was fully assembled by Jason upon arrival. The entire rig was built in his apartment by us, with no grips. The resulting film was then animated over using clear inkjet film and scanned in frame by frame. We like to think of creativity like gas: it expands to fit the container it’s in. Further we like to think this video would’ve been an incredible piece of art even if it was made completely agnostic of the pandemic.”


Directed by rubberband.
Creative Direction: rubberband.
Producer: Luigi Rossi
Cinematographer: Patrick Golan
1st AC + Associate Producer: Sarah Penson
Animation Lead & Art Director: James Siewert
2nd Unit DP: Kao Cheng Kai
Additional Photography: Kate Koeller
VFX: Max Colt, Frender
Color: Aubrey Woodiwisss
Post Producers: Laurie Adrianopoli, Briana Brackett, Ale Amato
Head of Music for SMUGGLER: Elizabeth Doonan
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