Another great project from Montréal-based director Vincent René-Lortie and dancer-choreographer Brittney Canda (previously featured here). Set to Owen Pallett’s track and filmed during the beginning of quarantine measures, “A Bloody Morning” sees Vincent and Brittney invite friends and family to dance from behind the windows of their homes. The piece contains footage from 14 consecutive evenings, rain or shine, as a way of showcasing the range of emotions experienced by those coping with the pandemic in their city:

“This project was meaningful for us and our community. We are grateful to be in a position where we could give our friends, family, and colleagues an opportunity to look forward to, when all other opportunities to perform had been canceled, and everything seemed so bleak for us artists. Hope it also makes you want to dance!”


Directed by Vincent René-Lortie & Brittney Canda
Produced by Samuel Caron
Production Company: Telescope Films
Cinematographer: Vincent René-Lortie
Editors: Guillaume Marin & Vincent René-Lortie
Color Grading: Simon Bøisx
VFX: Emile Massie-Vanasse


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