A moving documentary short by director Loïc Phil of Paris-based studio Gump. “DJAO: After the Road” follows a young refugee as he tries to escape the shadows of his past while starting a new life in France. The film aims to show the psychological marks that most migrants harbour from their migration and how the weight of these memories, in addition to the precarity of being undocumented, can affect their efforts to make a fresh start.


Featuring Mamadou K
Director: Loïc Phil
DOP: Thierry Le Mer
Producer: Maxime Bonneau
Production Company: Gump
Production Manager: Margot Baudiffier
1st AC: Rémi Delvern
Sound Recordist: Alexandre Bracq
Location Manager: Mathias Avanozian
Editors: Loïc Phil, Simon Philippe
Assistant Editor: Arthur Ducoux
Colorist: Eudes Quitellier
Original Music: Loïc Phil (Ilhoë)
Sound Mixing & Sound Design: Timotée Pédron
Additionnal Music: Meiway – Miss Lolo (J.P.S. Production)
Dioula/French Translator: Djénébou Diabaté


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