A beautiful piece about freedom by Portuguese filmmaker Diana Antunes. While inviting us to indulge in our memories, “Desabitar” questions whether we can ever be truly free if part of ourselves is still trapped in the past.


Ana Moreno

A film by Diana Antunes
Director of Photography: Duarte Domingos
Editor: Diana Antunes
Colorist: Paulo Inês
Original Soundtrack by Noiserv
Art Director: Diana Antunes
Art Assistant: Bárbara Dias
Art Assistant: Mihai Cotoman
Virtual Art Adviser: David Tutti dos Reis
Focus Puller: Selma
Gimbal Assistant: Miguel Malheiros
Production Director: Diana Antunes
Production Coordinator: Bárbara Dias

Special Thanks:
Fábrica 30
Showreel Audiovisuais
Jacqueline Ferreira


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