Prague-based director Jakub Jelen and cinematographer Matěj Piňos delve into the deeply-rooted folk tradition of the bride headdress ritual. Though the custom is probably much older, the ritual first appeared in the Czech territory in the 15th century in the Czech territory and still continues to this day in some regions. The ceremony marks the transformation of the individual from a state of virginity (symbolized by the wreath) to the bonnet — which is placed on the bride’s head after the wreath is taken and her braids are unravelled. For the film, Jelen and Piňos wanted to create an audiovisual record of the ritual taking place in an indefinite time/space as a way of emphasizing the intimacy of the atmosphere.


Director: Jakub Jelen
Choreographer: David Mikula
Director of Photography: Matěj Piňos
Editor: Jakub Jelínek
Sound Mixer: Jan Balcar
Production Manager: Zuzana Pelcová


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