A gang of young female roller skaters demonstrate the importance of reclaiming masculine space and defining their city for themselves in this empowering documentary short by London-based director Elliott Gonzo. While championing the importance of doing what you love, “Athena Skates” speaks specifically to the new generation of Greeks emerging from a decade of chaos in their country. As skater Constantina Xafi states:

“In Greece we don’t have infrastructure for young people — but we have streets and we can build whatever we want. Be the change you want to see”


Director: Elliott Gonzo
Producer: Alex King
Director of Photography: Evangelos Polychronopoulos
Editor: Dom Mayer
Photography: Mark Leaver
Music and Sound Design: Rob Taliesin Owen
Additional Music: Oliver Gale
Colourist: Megan Lee @ The Mill London
Translation: Zina Sarris
Production Company: Hijra Collective

Constantina Xafi
Eva Balasi
Stefania Malama
Susana Bakatsia
Foteini Korre
Sofia Argyraki
Lydia Panago


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