Fun video for HYYTS’s “The Low Sound” by Glasgow-based director Ainsley Bowman. Produced by Beth Allan of Forest of Black, the clip reflects the hectic euphoria of the track and the idea of finding enjoyment where you shouldn’t, and unhappiness where you typically would. As Allan shares:

“Throwing pretty much everything apart from the kitchen sink at this promo and the band (literally). I put the guys through quite a lot from dragging them by their ankles through a gravelly, derelict graving dock to asking them to throw litres of freezing cold water over themselves in the pouring rain in a boggy Scottish field. All of which Adam and Sam enthusiastically threw themselves into. It’s always great working with an artist that isn’t afraid of really pushing things to an extreme. This allowed us the scope to be totally over the top and unapologetically exaggerated in our approach on this project.”


Director: Ainsley Bowman
Producer: Beth Allan
Production Coordinator: Hannah Currie
DOP: Steve Cardno
Steadicam Operator: Sean Corbett
Art Director: Marie Liden
Makeup Artist: Kat Morgan
Focus Puller: Nico Biarese
2nd AC: Bartek Kloc
Gaffer: Stuart Anderson
Runner/Driver/Art Department: Assistant Harry Bird
Art Department Assistant: Oscar Mcintosh


This video was submitted by Beth Allan and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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