A lovely balance of melancholy and hope in this documentary short by director-editor Matt Pizzano and producer-cinematographer Nic Wehmeyer. While Mark Bennett became known as they guy who spent his time creating painstakingly detailed floor plans of his favourite 1950s tv homes, the attention soon unearthed some of the darker aspects of living so deeply within fantasy. “The Grass is Always Greener on TV” explores how Bennett’s obsession with these idyllic imaginary worlds became a way of escaping an isolated life and how traumatic memories became the source of his art.


Created by Matt Pizzano & Nic Wehmeyer
Director & Editor: Matt Pizzano
Producer & Cinematographer: Nic Wehmeyer
Post Producer: Brian W Collins
Advisor: Eva Pipa
Additional Photography: Bo Wheeler
Assist. Editor: Jeff Dirdack
Assist. Art Director: Amie Zhong
VFX: Charlex
VFX Producer: Ben Famiglietti
VFX Creative Director: Nic Wehmeyer
Lead Animator: Andrei Dan
Flame Artist: Mike Mendizabal
Flame Artist: Philana Dias
Sound: Sonic Union
Sound Editor: Paul Weiss
Color: Paul Weiss
Color: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Lenny Mastradrea
Color Assist: Tom Tomlinson
Exec Producer: Tara Holmes
Producer: Andrew Pandolfino


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