Director Colin Read creates an Ikea-inspired music video in a box for Glass Animals in this ingenious video for “Dreamland.” Made during quarantine, Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley was sent everything he needed to shoot the video himself in his own apartment… some assembly required. As Read details further:

“To make the official video for Dreamland, we prepared… a set to construct; lighting equipment; props to assemble; camera gear…along with 50 pages of precise instructions, photo glossaries, and diagrams for how to put it all together. But beyond just making a pretty-looking visual, I wanted to tie in the creation process itself. So within the edit, we showed a personal, nostalgic “music video”—and then pulled away the veil, revealing the unique conditions by which it was created, all in the same piece. So it’s both a peek behind the curtain at an unexpected process, but also a depiction of how people are rising to the challenge of this global crisis. How artists are finding new ways to create art, and embracing these restrictions rather than be defeated by them.

Shout out to Dave, who was an absolute champ, and dragged dolly track up three flights of stairs (while we watched from the comfort of our own couches on video chat).”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Director: Colin Read
Producer: Erin Sayder
EP: Rik Green
Production Company: Pulse Films
Director Representation: Hands London
DoP: Ruben Woodin Deschamps
Production Designer: Bon Walsh
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake
Colorist: Samuel Gursky / Irving Harvey
Color Producer: Kerry Mack
Driver: James Middleton
Kit: Procam
Special Thanks: Bill Rae Smith & Adrian Barry
Everything else: Dave Bayley


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