Two worlds collide in this delightfully ridiculous video for Spanish-Australian singer Carlos C Major. Directed by James Chappell (previously featured here), “Caminando Voy” (Walking, I Go) follows Carlos as he meanders through the usual serene vistas before suddenly finding himself in the middle of a very different music video. The concept behind the video is a metaphor for Carlos’ feelings of being chewed up and spat out by the world, contrasted against picturesque settings and old-school Hollywood endings.


Director & Producer: James Chappell
DOP & Producer: Nic Godoy
Executive Producer: Carlos Valasquez
Editor: Brad Hurt
Colorist: Matt Fezz
1st AC: Carolina Izquierdo Duarte
2nd AC: Chantal Jack
Steadicam: Jonathan Baker
Drone: Heliguy
Drone Operators: Guy Alexander, Nathan Richards,
Dave Svec, Camilo Jimenez
Production Manager: Ryan DeSilva
Stunt Coordinator: Igor Breakenback
Stunt Assistant Coordinator: Warren Coulton
Production Assistant: Mitchel J Kemmis
Behind The Scenes: Andre + Dominique


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