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Nice video for Alex Nicol’s track “Trust” directed by Toronto-based filmmaker Paz Ramirez. While the song is about appreciating mundane tasks and striving to be a more ecological person, Ramirez took the image of clothes hanging out to dry and developed it into the concept of airing dirty laundry by placing a clothes line in absurdly public places:

“The production process centered in a long scouting to find the perfect spots in Montreal, city in which I lived for a year, and in my opinion, is highly photogenic. In the end of the video the decision of having Alex naked at an art gallery putting on the dry outfit is a metaphor of artists exposing their intimate feelings through their art.”


Directed by Paz Ramirez
DOP: Jay Boivin
Producer: Nada Temerinski
Edit: Benjamin & Paz Ramirez
Color: Sergio Bejares


This is just one of the many creative submissions we’ve received in the past week. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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