Great look and energy to this spot for bespoke motorcycle company Gas&Oil by Prague-based director Igor Zacharov and cinematographer Tomáš Kotas (previously featured here):

“You can tell what a motorcycle has been through from the first moment you see it. One can only imagine what the machine has seen and who’s ridden it. If taken good care of, they age like a fine wine. And that’s exactly how I felt when seeing motorcycles by Matěj from Gas&Oil. His machines have a character of an old, weary traveler you’d see on the road from your car, leaving you wishing you could switch places with him or, at least (?), stop and listen to his stories. Rebuilding and keeping these old bikes alive and kicking is a trade deserving of respect. I only wish I was brave enough to take one of them down a dead end road just to see how far it goes.”


Made for Gas&Oil
Director: Igor Zacharov
DP: Tomáš Kotas
Editor: Filip de Pina
Colorist Yerlan Tanayev
Produced by Creative Embassy
Gaffer Tomáš Voltér
1st AC Ondřej Kudrna
2nd AC Matyáš Hroch
Music by Cubby and Lazer Viking
Captured on KODAK


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