An homage to the variety of stories and subjectivities of the LGBTQ community by acte tm. “Solidarity Is The Only Enemy Of Misery” exhibited at König Tokio Gallery in January as a large scale video installation on three screens. The film aims to question systems that are based on binary positions and restrictive categorizations without trying to impose a “correct” way of interpretation. In utilizing a multilayered cinematic language, the aim is to present the interplay of identity and representation in modern times. As acte tm describes the set up of the original installation:

“Parallel to each other yet physically separated, the work is shown on three individual screens, all of which use their own visual vocabulary, thereby engaging in a dialogue at the intersection of ethnicity, gender and popular culture. By doing so, the film allows an insight into one of the founding houses of the Ballroom scene.

The interviews and performances that make up the film are improvised by members of the Iconic House of St. Laurent in NYC and reflect and epitomize a complex conflict between daily life and the dream world, led in order to negotiate the dialectic nature of liberty and entrapment.”

Watch “Solidarity Is The Only Enemy Of Misery” above and see full credits below!


Created & Produced by acte tm
Executive Producer: Tsellot Melesse
Directed by acte tm c/o Tsellot Melesse & Philipp Groth
Local Producer: Crystal St. Laurent, Marlon Beatt
Director of Photography: Elias Boetticher
Artwork & Graphics: ABC Dinamo c/o Johannes Breyer
Edit: Elias Boetticher
Sound Design: Marlon Beatt
Music: Alessandro Mellini, VJuan Allure
Starring: Corey St. Laurent, Pepp St. Laurent,
La India St. Laurent, Jah St. Laurent,
Joejo St. Laurent, Tez St. Laurent, Haven St. Laurent
Exhibition: Louisa Hoelker, Tatsuya Yamasaki
Thanks to: Johann König, Tatsuya Yamasaki, König Gallery Berlin,
König Gallery Tokyo, Louisa Hoelker, ABC Dinamo,
House of St Laurent New York, House of St Laurent Europe


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