Fun video for Gohu’s track “Vai ficar fixe (All will be cool)” by New York City-based director Daniel Soares (previously featured here). Shot two months ago after flying home to Portugal, Soares cast his grandparents and a few others from the village. As he shares:

“Obviously this was shot pre-corona. Since then the world changed, the borders closed, I got stuck in Portugal, Gohu had to re-write the lyrics, and now he is donating all the money he’s making with this album.”


Fernanda Soares
Augusto Soares
Rogerio Tomas
Marilia Pinelas
Jose Carrico
Antonio Pinelas
Leonel Mateus
Elisabete Pinelas
Candida Ramos

Song by Gohu
Directed by Daniel Soares
Produced by El-hey
Head of Production: Vanessa Oliveira
Director of Photography: Mika Altskan
Editors: Oliver Stumpf, Daniel Soares
Colorist: Sofie Borup, Company 3
Stylists: Maria Nobre, Raquel Guerreiro
Assistant Director: Pedro Madeira
First AC: Miguel Varandas
Second AC: Guilherme Daniel
Loader: Jose Pedroso
PA:Tiago Xavier, Nuno Marques
Musical Producer: Emerson Martins
Executive Producer: Miguel Coimbra, Antonio Selas


This video was submitted by Daniel Soares and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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