Great video for Blu Kobina’s track “Hooptie Loops” by Edmonton-based director Don Zimmermon. The concept is based on Victor Burgin’s Office at Night photo series, which was itself an homage to Edward Hopper’s painting Office at Night (1940). Shot on Kodak 7222 by Don’s brother, cinematographer Bryce Zimmerman, the video came together with the help of Don’s cousin, Tom, who allowed them access to his engineering office and his other cousin, Mariah, who plays the love interest. As Don explains further:

“I wanted to work the stillness of photography into this work since Blu’s song has a melancholic, introspective feeling that I felt matched Burgin’s work. The office setting with its allusions to anonymous workers amid endless paper work well with the young rapper asserting himself while still questioning his ambitions…. To complete the visuals, our friend and animator Taylor Peters created animations based on the spirit of the original artworks, combined with the songs lyrics, to reimagine them as moving images.”


Featuring Seth Erskine
Director: Don Zimmermon
Cinematographer & Editor: Bryce Zimmerman
Animator: Taylor Jon Peters
Colour: Sam Gilling
Woman: Mariah Uchachz
Man: Curtis Pollard
Scan by Frame Discreet
Shot on Kodak Film


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