An immersive video for Leifur James by Hungarian directors Balázs Simon and Dávid Dell’Edera. “AAID” meanders through the chain of memories of a man trying to make sense of a past relationship. As Simon explains, the visuals are meant to reflect the mixture of alienation and loss that emerge from James’ album as well as the ways our memories become fuzzy or blurred over time:

“Our brain is quite selective, there are things we remember very vividly, while other things remain unsure, or even untrue. That’s where the aesthetic of broken/incomplete 3D scans came in. It was a really exciting, but also weirdly upsetting process to work on this. The places found in the film are our own living spaces. Every day when we came together to work on the film we were in the real spaces, creating their broken, imaginary memory versions at the same time.”


Directed by Balázs Simon & Dávid Dell’Edera
Additional Animation by Péter Bátory
Special Thanks: Airplan, Umbrella


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