A stunning video for Polish pianist Hania Rani by Paris-based filmmaker Neels Castillon (previously featured here). “F Major” features the magnetic and meditative movements of dancers Mellina Boubetra, Janina Sarantšina, and Fanny Sage on the deserted shores of Iceland, as Castillon explains further:

“Listening to Hania’s music over and over, I began to dream of a single sequence shot that would follow her music floating in the wind of an unreal Icelandic landscape. I asked each dancer to give a personal interpretation of Hania’s song. We were very lucky to succeed in this insane artistic performance despite the great cold (minus 7 celsius), it was such a moment of truth.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Mellina Boubetra
Janina Sarantšina
Fanny Sage

Directed by Neels Castillon
Music by Hania Rani
Cinematography: Éric Blanckaert
1st AC: Kévin Rosé
2nd AC: François Przybylski
Set Designer: Odin Deray
Producers: Emilie Mallen, Louis Arnoux
Production Manager: Kiljan Paoli
Executive Producer: Ariane Cornic
Production Coordinator: Sandrine Laveau
Editor: Sébastien Rouquet
Colorist: Sébastien Mingam
Production Company:
Label: Gondwana Records
Stylism: Sézane
Camera & Lenses: RVZ


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