A delightfully absurdist short by London-based filmmaking duo Ian Bousher and Theo Gee (previously featured here). “Don’t Water The Vine” follows an ambitious young architect who struggles to hold his life together as he starts uncontrollably producing grapes from his mouth. Offering something of an open-ended meditation on anxiety, the idea for the film actually came from a dream Bousher had where he suffered the same affliction:

“You know those dreams where you turn up to something important naked? It was like that, except without nudity and with grapes slipping out of my mouth. Okay, it wasn’t like the nudity dream at all but it WAS related to anxiety. I think.

Because people telling you about their dreams is never annoying, I told it to Theo and it stuck in his head. That externalisation of anxiety was saying something, and we slowly realised that we had to make this both for us to understand that anxiety better and because it’s something that so many people grapple with. And now we can’t eat grapes anymore, so… Great.”

Watch “Don’t Water The Vine” above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Jumaane Brown
Stephen Sheridan
Jason Griffin
Cora Kirk
Philip Gill

Written, Directed & Produced by Ian Bousher & Theo Gee
Producer: Will Edwick
Cinematographer: Alex Metcalfe
Art Direction: Jenny Dee
Wardrobe: Sally Byrne
Hair & Make Up: Max Seygas
Focus Puller: Ceri Evans
Loader: Tom Burlinson
Sound Recordist: Kerem Isik
SFX: Theodore Salisbury
VFX Supervisor: Mark Millena
Compositors: Justin Gros-Desir, Sean Lewis, Chris Bowers
Editor: Theo Gee
Colourist: Sebastian Ziabka
Composer: Tom Jeeves
Sound Design: Edward Guy
Runners: Nick Malev, Lea Otovic, Kat Docherty
Catering: Linda Gelernter








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