Lovely video for Heavy Chest by New Zealand-based director Josiah Watson (previously featured here). More of a visual poem than a traditional narrative, Watson describes “Just You” as an elegy to the time we lose trying to escape our thoughts, brought together through bite-sized vignettes of a girl searching for ‘something more’ in the mundane:

“The film jumps between two completely different worlds, one of which presents scenes which should feel all too familiar and the other being altogether more abstract and dreamlike. In the end we wonder whether it was a dream or a brief moment of pure, unadulterated escape”

Watch “Just You” above and check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Ella Baigent-Brown
Isaac Sims
Emily Keddell
Greg McColl

Director: Josiah Watson
DOP: Bill Bycroft
Producer: Grace Watson
1st AC: Ethan James
2nd AC: Alice Toomer
Production Assistant: Raphaella Holder-Monk
Production Assistant: Milly Brunel
Gaffer: Andy Ferguson
Art Director: Sharlene Young
Assistant AD: Grace Watson
H&MU: Alana James
Color: Matic Prusnik
Graphic Treatment: Jeremy Hooper








Josiah Watson on Vimeo

Josiah Watson on Instagram


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