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An engrossing colour-coded narrative for Vancouver artist Old Man Canyon by director Geordie Starr (previously featured here). Shot on 16mm film by cinematographer Bryn McCashin, “For The Taking” incorporates interpretive dance movements, symbolism and cognitive imagery to convey a thematic battle between humanity in the red corner and technology in the blue. As Starr explains:

“Set in a world where human beings have become imprisoned by technology and categorized by colour, four unique colour codes use the power of a sacred dance to resist the powerful trance and fight to regain control of their oppressed minds. As they recite the motions, they are individually transported — through a miniature greenhouse portal — from their recluse warehouse into diverse exterior locations where they can finally be free to express themselves… We return to the warehouse to see them still entrapped by the bright, blinding light of their screens, which compels us to question whether they are truly free or if the escape was an odyssey spent entirely in the prison of their own minds.”


Cassandra Phillips-Grande
Shion Skye Carter
Owen Unruh
Jackson Wai Chung Tse

Directed by Geordie Starr
Director of Photography: Bryn McCashin
Gaffer: Alex Greba
Key / Dolly Grip: Sam Peterson
Swing: Bradley Ishii
1st AC: Mikael Bidard, Richard Dalgleish
Colour: Sam Gilling
Hair / MUA: Jessica De Palma
Choreography: Shion Skye Carter
Styling: Cassandra Phillips-Grande
Edit: Geordie Starr
Titles: Alex Greba


This video was submitted by Geordie Starr and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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