Love this collaboration from New York punk trio Show Me The Body and Brooklyn-based filmmaker and documentary photographer Landon Yost. A meditation on themes of pain and death, “Arcanum” features a collection of scorched footage as a way of calling into question our obsession with capturing the transient moments of life. As Yost explains further:

“This piece was conceived and produced over the span of a year, made on favors and love in Brooklyn’s hardcore/punk community — Shot on negative 16mm, converted to positive, and filmed while burned during projection.”

Watch “Arcanum” above and see full credits below!


Director: Landon YostShow Me The Body
DOP: Andrea Gavazzi
Editor: Matt Schaff
Executive Producer: Asha Maura
Producer: Jake DeNicola
Steadi OP: Franz Brun
1st AC: Scott Sweitzer
2nd AC: Niccolo Cacace
PA: Ariel Eakin
Projectionist: Landon Yost
Colorist: Elias Nousiopoulos

Coltrane Ferrer
John Youngaitis
Elijah Maura
Noble Spell
Malcolm Cills
Madeleine Fisher
JW Cortez


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