Love this video for Anna Andreu by Barcelona-based filmmaker Carles Pons Altimira (previously featured here). “Torrent Sanguini” follows the daily routine of a young woman who is plagued by a constant gust of wind — a magical visual meant to represent feelings of isolation from the rest of the world.


Starring Anna Andreu
Written & Directed by Carles Pons Altimira
DOP: Albert Bada Leal
Art Direction: Lluís Campos
Production Director: Angela Berruezo
Costume Director: Mar Medinyà
Sound Direction & Design: Pol Fernández
Gaffer: Dani Alvarez
Production Manager: Max Maltas
Title Design: COURE
Extras: Júlia Gaspar, Marc Vilanova, Martina Manyà,
Marc Torrent, Xavier Andreu, Lluís Campos,
Philippe Teixeira, Allison Figueroa,
Martina Manyà, Marc Vianova
Sam Rodríguez, Nicolau Rodríguez, Mar Medinyà
Marina Arrufat
Thanks to: L’Economat Social de Sants, Eliseu Arrufat, Gemma Cuervas, Familia Pons Altimira, Marc Vilanova, Cooperativa d’ habitatges La Borda SCCL
Label: Hidden track Records


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