A beautiful meditation on balance and the inherent familiarity of our daily lives by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Daniel Henry (previously featured here). Set to Monteagle’s track, “Tan,” Henry presents a series of eerie and evocative images that seems to emerge from his unconscious, as he explains:

“For me, every year around New Years comes with a dark cloud. This past year in particular was filled with loss and a heaviness that has stuck with me. I needed to tell a story about the dichotomy between sameness and impermanence. Tan is a reflection of how life can sometimes feel like an endless loop of longing, loneliness, horniness and hunger that everyone experiences no matter where they are.

I decided to get outside of my own environment, and headed clear across the country with my friend/collaborator/DP Dustin Lane. We were overcome by the freedom that came with having an insanely small crew. And what resulted was something more intuitive and guttural. We had the luxury of being able to shoot slowly and wait for scenes to unfold on their own. While having a specific list of moments I wanted to capture, we had no set schedule and we able to let curiosity take over. We could walk right in and get close to our subjects.”

Watch “Tan” above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Director: Daniel Henry
Director of Photography: Dustin Lane
Assistant / Road Dog: Monster
Editor: Ryan Kendrick
Colorist: Mike Howell
Mixer/Sound Design: Jimmy Sudekum







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