Another beautiful video for Vagabon by Los Angeles-based writer-director Maegan Houang (previously featured here). Building on the idea of being trapped indoors by bad weather, “In a Bind” creates a timeless world that one would want to both inhabit and rebel against. As Houang explains further: “We used rear screen projection and practical special effects to create a series of obstacles for her to continuously overcome.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Director: Maegan Houang
Producers: Ben Kang, John Lozada
Co-Producers: Maegan Houang, Joanna Nguyen
DP: Joanna Nguyen
1st AC : Jacob Perry
2nd AC: Zach Hauptman
Ronin Tech: Adam Hahn
BTS Photographer: Hannah Baker, Lorenzo Sisti
Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
BBE/DMX Board Op: Quin Brudos Sommers
Electrician/Projectionist: Chase Dubose
Key Grip: Matthew Planer, Kevin Chiu
BBG: Wooho Kim
Grip PA: Roneal Galang, Amanda Martinez
Production Designer: Terry Watson
Art Director: Abigail Childs
Set Decorator: Phi Tran
SPFX: Shane Bannon
Set Dresser: Alexandra Papoban, Georgie Lyle
Construction Coordinator: Karlen Shahinyan
Leadman: Brandon Allen
Propmaster: Patricia Gonzalez
Art PA: Li-Wei Chu, Onitra Johnson
Makeup Artist: Erin Pea, Fesa
Stylist: Autumn Randolph
Choreographer: Derek Nemechek
Colorist: Chris Ripley
Editor: Henry Kaplan
VFX Supervisor: Matthew Wauhkonen
1st AD: Marques Mallare
Production Coordinator: Ferran Molina
Talent Wrangler: Lorenzo Sisti
PA: Marissa Lee
Location Manager: Omar Martinez
Executive Producers: Jenn Khoe, Sacha Smith

An Antidote Films and Lilac Avenue Production

Special Thanks: Ethan Young, Jacob Perry, T-Stop,
FilmED, Dave Junker, Kazmo Kida,
Karim Belkasemi, Bill Hunt, Wooden Nickel,
Geronimo Creek, Eco Sets, Kris Barberg,
Beaux Mendes, Colorlab, Jenn Khoe, and Sacha Smith


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