Love the surreal elements in this video for Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes’ collaboration “What Kinda Music” by São Paulo-based director Douglas Bernardt of Stink Films (previously featured here). A contemporary metaphor about the pressure of living in an urban city, the film follows a young man caught in a looped routine and sense of paranoia that manifests as a labryinthine forest in his mind.


Director: Douglas Bernardt
Production Company: Stink Films
Executive Producer: Katie Lambert
Producer: Martha McGuirk
DP: Adolpho Veloso
Editor: Lucas Moesch (Final Cut NY)
VFX: Cirilo Bonazzi (Nash TV)
Colorist: Tim Stipan (Company 3)
Director Rep: HANDS
Commissioner: Connie Meade & Duncan Murray
Service Company: RadioAktive
Producer: Valentyn Petyshkin
Executive Producer: Kate Galytska
Producer: Valentyn Petyshkin
Focus Puller: Vlad Dobrik
Production Designer: Max Halushka
Gaffer: Leonid Sidorenko
Location Manger: Dima Shevchenko
Casting Manager: Sergey Ristenko
Wardrobe Stylist: Sergey Melnichenko (
Wardrobe Stylist: Sergey Volniy (
Make Up: Dasha Taivas
Chaperone: Alex Vashkolup
Chaperon: Andrew Birch
VFX: Nash TV
Post Producer: Flávia Gannam
VXF Supervisor: Cirilo Bonazzi
VFX Artists: Alice Villela, Cirilo Bonazzi, Diogo de Moura Modesto, Felipe
3D Supervisor: Fagmario Rodrigues
3D Artist: Fabio Fernandes
Post Production Coordinator: Andre Baltrusaitis
Post Production Assistants: Gabriel Bittencourt, Renata Prado
Grade: Company 3 LA
Colour Producer: Matt Moran
Shot on Kodak FIlm 16mm


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