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A thoughtful visualization for Christian Löffler’s track “Noah” by Californian filmmaker Mishka Kornai of Theia Studio. Currently based in Berlin, Kornai documents the lives of three real people in an effort to answer the question: “Who still uses telephone booths?” The video centres around three urban booths in Montréal, Berlin and London. Deserted by most but indispensable to some, here the cubicles appear more like teleportation capsules — portals into distant or past relationships — raising further questions about our modern world of virtual communication and what happens when these physical spaces for connection are gone. Of the cast, Kornai also shares:

“Johnny, in his 70s, grew up in Egypt but moved to Montréal over 50 years ago. He has two children and owns a shop on the island of Point Saint Charles which sells rare gems and minerals. Magdalene’s parents came to London from Ghana and she grew up between her UK family and her grandmother in Ghana. Magdalene’s husband of over 17 years, Gerald is the face on the other side of her phone call. Dylan is a performance artist originally from Ireland currently finishing their university studies in Poznan Poland. They are planning a move to Berlin after completing school this summer. The photos in the video are from a single night out clubbing in Berlin.”


Ohannes “Johnny” Bedrossian (Montréal)
Magdalene Mills + Gerald Vanderpuye (London)
Dylan Kerr + Jack Scollard (Berlin)

Directed by Mishka Kornai
Produced by Theia.Studio
Editor: Patrick Moccia
Producer: Letty Houldsworth
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Movi Operators: Austin Sumner-Grass, Sal Redpath, Robert Paul Kothe
Montreal Producer: Rachelle Alexandra Fleury
Post Production: Ethos Studio
Camera Assistants: Jon Barlas, Elliot Poyzer, Lukas Schaaf, Tucker Grindstaff
Archival Scanning: Gary Munden
Additional Still Photography: Jack Scollard, Letty Houldsworth
London Casting: Anna McAuley
London Makeup: Holly Gallienne-Schmidt
Compositing: Mishka Kornai
Paintouts: Tanner Merrill
Production Assistant: Kenny Bernklau,
Commissioner: Ki Records/ Juste Survilaite
Special Thanks: Jerad Anderson, Arthur Jongebloed,
Gaia Seguin Lutz, Victoria Perlini, Kate Villevoye,
Pippy Houldsworth, Will Niava, Dan Carr,
Jeremy Comte, Sophia Murlowski, Judith Jakob,
Post-Moderne, Ariel Fisher, Trevor Doherty, Luke Orlando


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