A wonderfully subtle short written and directed by Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer Vincent Boehringer. “Sinners” tells the story of two young criminals who struggle with an incident that tests the bonds of their friendship. As Boehringer explains:

“We follow them on a trip through the periphery in order to sort out their problem. However one of them obviously is struggling more with what happened and keeps on craving for a better time and place, as a form of escapism.”


Starring Mike Kouhé & Sidney Lubwa
Writer & Director: Vincent Boehringer
Producers: Hannes Maar & Valentin Mogg
Cinematographer: Cedric Retzmann
Assistant Camera: Holger Wimmer
Editor: Hendrik Peter
Sounddesign: Marlon Beatt
Music: Luka Seifert (RIP Swirl)
Colorist: Lutz Forster
Lab: Andec & Postfactory
Special Thanks: Maximilian Pittner & Nikita Luennemann


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