A lovely mix of visuals for Red Moon’s debut “Dogma” by London-based director Josh Thornton-Allan. Drawing on the track’s themes of living an unfiltered life, free of lies, prejudices, beliefs and social constructs, Thornton-Allan emphasizes the simplicity of feeling:

“Placing movement and choreography at the heart of the film, the bodies are removed from their physical presence and instead become symbolic. Along with choreographer Ricky Labib they built a physical language where each movement conveys certain emotions or themes and use this to create a journey as our characters learn to break down preconceived notions and become anew.”


Director: Josh Thornton-Allan
Producer: Jake River Parker
Exec: Ben Mealing
DOP: Henry Gill
1st AC: Kai Newton
Makeup: Victoria Haffner
Wardobe: Azura Lovisa
Choreographer: Ricky Labib
Editor: Zoe Desgraupes @ Flock Edit
Grade: Jonny Thorpe @ Glassworks


This video was submitted by Josh Thornton-Allan and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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