Nice director’s cut of Black Marble’s “Private Show” by Los Angeles-based director and cinematographer Ben Joyner. The concept was born out of Joyner’s personal relationship with the Neshoba Country Fair in Mississippi, as he shared with us:

“It’s the United State’s largest campground fair, an abandoned southern shantytown that comes to life for one week every year at the end of July. It’s a really wild place that feels almost frozen in time. And while it’s very unique and special, it also carries some historical tension that is palpable.

The music provided a rich emotional landscape to explore the place and the people that inhabit it. The track had this immense emotional weight to it, but also felt really fun. The goal was to craft something that reflected that feeling. I loved the idea of bringing Black Marble to the fair and sort of dropping him into the middle of the spectacle.”

Watch above and see credits below!


Directed by Ben Joyner
DP: Hayden Mason
Edit/Additional Camera: Ben Joyner
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Process/Scans: Metropolis Post NY

Special Thanks:
Karen Kilgore Crantford
Julie Kilgore Joyner
Ethos Studio
Lightstone Rentals
The Band U.S (cover band featured in the video)
Andy King
Forrest Johnson
Amber Joyner
Sam Joyner
Mary Marchand
Taylor Alley
Andrew Litten
Daniel Henry
Bobby Moser
Brandon Kapelow
Jacob Kirby
Kevin Clark


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