A lonely gannet falls in love with a concrete statue in this wonderful animated short by Natasza Cetner. “Nigel” is Cetner’s graduation film from the Royal College of Art in London and is based on a true story of a seabird on Mana Island. Cetner states: “His tragic tale of idealisation and delusion shows us a reflection of our own misconceptions in love.”


Animation & Direction by Natasza Cetner
Production Company: Royal College of Art
Sound Design: Yiannis Spanos
Sound Mix: Yin Lee
Animation Assistants:
Kyle Peyton, Tanaka Tiriboyi, Joao Gonzalez,
Sahanshil Dangol, Cassie Amis, Becky Vickars,
Gary Wilson, Melanie Campbell, Silvia Zubrinic,
Asheila Amara, Flora Caulton, Voltaire Joshua Gonzalez


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