Love this video for orion sun by New York City-based directors Josh Sondock and Sam Cutler-Kreutz (previously featured here). Shot by Andrea Gavazzi, “coffee for dinner” follows an astronaut who finds herself alone in a barren, snow-swept world she hardly recognizes.


Directors: Josh Sondock & Sam Cutler-Kreutz
Cinematographer: Andrea Gavazzi
Creative Director: orion sun
Colorist: Parker Jarvie & Company 3
Co-producers: Nick Jones & Adam Braun
Sound Designer: Bobb Barito
Executive Producer: Michael Klein & Circadian Pictures
VFX/Executive Steam Producer: Brendan Regan
Gaffer: Stefan Nachmann
Steadicam: Kyle Derry
1st Assistant Camera: Brendan Bequette
Production Coordinator: Jay Rosenstein
G&E: Renzo Castro, Eric Bujnowski & Eren Gedikoglu
Hair/Makeup: Yukie Nammori
Production Assistants: Joshua Lovins, Lily Mars, Miranda Barrigan

Special Thanks: Zubeyda Muzeyyen, Ron & Laureen Kobli,
Mayor Brad Mhyre, Brendan Shepherd, Geoff & Isaac Stanley,
JR Hoff, Early Bird Coffee, The People of Frenchtown & Milford New Jersey,
Rob Castagna, Mayor Henry Schepens, Karen Dysart, The Ship Inn, John & Kristin Schwarz,
The Potager, Allen’s Antiques, Kristin Anthony, Gregg Gehrlein, Erika Bianconi,
Andrew Tiffen, Allie Tsuchiya, Jason Sondock, Simon Davis, Nate Katz,
Faviola Rivas, David Cutler-Kreutz, Abby Draper, Wes Brooks, Global Effects Inc.,
Jonathan Zhang, Handheld Films, Anne Hubbell, Yolanda Crocker,
Eastman Kodak, Haley Chitambar, Jack Rizzo, Metropolis Post,
Company 3, Circadian Pictures, Syd Hard, Alexis Brown,
September Management, Mom & Pop.


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