Love this playful critique of modern monotony for Eugenio In Via Di Gioia’s track “Tsunami” by London-based director Raoul Paulet:

“What have we all become? Eugenio In Via Di Gioia tells a story about one of us, unable to think and to act, freezed, in front of a tsunami of homogenisation, alienation and exclusion. Even dancing seems to be reduced to a mere repetition of our daily routine. Have we forgotten what makes us unique and irreplaceable?”


Michele Rossetti
Laura Traina
Merel Rood
Stefano Mancinelli
Matteo Postiglione
Sarah Galfré
Veronica Pizzi
Simone Famiglietti
Eugenio In Via Di Gioia (Eugenio, Paolo, Emanuele, Lorenzo)

Written & Directed by Raoul Paulet
Production Company: Borotalco
Executive Producer: Matteo Stefani Andrea Biscaro
Commissioner: Gabriele Minelli
Record Label: UMI
DOP: Alessandro Panzeri
Line Producer & 1st AD: Giulia Pacioni
Production assistant: Siri Crespi
1st AC: Riccardo Margiotta
Camera assistant: Gabriele Segata
Gaffer: Mattia Rossetti
Grip: Edoardo Conti, Lorenzo Massa Saluzzo
Styling Band: Lucia Chiappini
Styling Clones: Michela di Viesti
Mua: Mary Parpinel
Mua assistant: Veronica Rubino
Editing, Grading & Post: Larissa Saldarini & Raoul Paulet
Service: Videodesign, Brand Gnu
Management: Agnese Incurvati Anna Maria Modica
Backstage: Filippo Testa
Special Thanks: Tehona Milano, Uniqlo, Kway,
Cibario and Ubobo The Fish


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