A stunning black and white video for French duo Neumodel’s track with Kiddy Smile directed by Paris-based filmmaker and photographer Axel Morin. Featuring a series of dramatic tableaus set in a metaphorical non-space, “Hayah” offers a Freudian-esque interpretation of passion as possession that is as disturbing as it is mesmerizing.


Directed by Axel Morin
Production: Frenzy ParisCédric Barus
DOP: Benoit Soler
Editor: Tianes Montasser
1st AD: Manu Marx
Line Producer: Hugo Marcel
Set Designer: Jean Miel
Set Designer 1st Assistant: Delphine Tilliard and her team
Light: Quentin Ameziane and his team
Grip: Jean-François Dubut and his team
Stylist: Benoit Tardif and Marie Mattei
MUA: Lisa Michalik
1st Assistant DOP: Vincent Toubel
2nd Assistant DOP: Emmanuelle Benayoun
Post Production: Guillaume Marien (Mathematic)
Grading: Mathieu Caplanne
VFX Supervisor: Bertrand Avril
PP Director: Mikaella Zarka and Wassila Kailali
Flame Graphist: Hugo Aymerich
Dancer: Strauss Serpent
Models: Tehani Amant and Sofia Fanego
Stuntmen: Mathieu Lardot, Laurent Chevalier,
Olivier Sa Gilles Demurger and Joël Wu Quashie


This video was submitted by Axel Morin and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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