A fun visual collage from Moscow-based director Alena Shevchenko. “I’ll say it first” tells the story of a girl who wants to text a boy, but hesitates to make the first move. The dialogue combines excerpts from Shevchenko’s personal diaries as well as improvisations from actress Diana Helzina’s reflections on her own romantic relationships. While capturing the contradictory inner thoughts and fleeting confidence of young love, the short film is also a meditation on technology, particularly as it relates the Russian setting. Shevchenko explains: “I wanted to face modern digital world and old soviet flat as a metaphor that technology changes but dreams stay the same.”


Starring Diana Helzina
Directed by Alena Shevchenko
Screenplay by Alena Shevchenko, Victoria Privalova
Producers: Alena Shevchenko, Timur Ziatov, Konstantin Melinkov
Director of Photography: Daria Balanovskaya
Set Designer: Alena Kulikova
Stylist: Viktoria Goh
Assistant: Ell Shevchenko
Make-Up & Hair: Karolina Traktina, Alexandra Hojieva, Olya Kostenko
Editor: Alena Shevchenko
Collage: Alena Shevchenko, Polina Varpholomeeva
Focus Puller: Alexey Baykov
Gaffer: Vyacheslav Myaster
2nd AC: Alexey Konev
Sound Designer: Stas Paushev
Titles: Denis Bashev, Alena Lavdovskaya
Colorist: Dmitry Litvinov
Location: Alexey Tokin
Ekaterina Bogatyrova
Music: Obe Dve


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