The first of two music videos for Driftwood by directors Jan and Raf Roosens of Antwerp-based production company Rococo. Shot back to back, “Avalon” explores the tension between rationality and emotion with each part telling the same story from a different point of view.


Gloria Catteeuw
Circé Lethem
Cato Catteeuw
Femke Debeule
Pieter Piron
Jasper Coremans
Leon Heylen

Music by Driftwood
Written, Directed & Produced by Jan & Raf Roosens
Director of Photography: Sander Vandenbroucke
Focus Puller: Boris Godfroid
Clapper Loader: Ellen Gubbels
Gaffer: Pieter Jan Donckels
Sound: Gedeon De Pauw
Make-up: Sigrid Volders
Assistant Producer: Olivier Hendrikx
Set Manager: Rhomi Martens & Hasse Steenssens
Editor: Ward Geerts
Colorist: Kene Illegems
Sound Design & Mix: Gedeon De Pauw


This video was submitted by Raf Roosens and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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