A refreshing tone to this short piece for Zusammenleben Willkommen — a German flatshare resource, geared toward finding accommodations for refugees. Produced by Easydoesit, “Teile Dein Zuhause!” (share your home) presents a lovely collage of feelings told from the perspective of a refugee’s impressions of his new homeland. Disinterested in “the promise of the ideal world” and leaning more toward “the difficulties and beauty of it,” the spot purposefully avoids clichéd imagery and narrative patterns:

“Coming home is a feeling. A rendezvous with your surroundings. It is much more than a room made up of four walls. It is a construct of language, smells, faces, habits, food, friends, family, a street, a place, experiences and hopes. But for many, this home exists only in spirit. Refugees live in mass shelters with little contact with the population. But to achieve integration and solidarity it takes more than just shelter.”


An EASYdoesit Production
Director: Aleko Gotscheff & Konstantin Nerger
Director of Photography: Daniel Obradovic
Executive Producer: Sebastian von Gumpert
Producers: Christopher Kane & Marie Zeller
Set Manager: Louis Lorenzen
Production Assistant: Noa Schmidt
1. AC: Philipp Hartinger, Daniel Merget
2. AC: Leon Hörtrich
Steadycam: Axel Zschernitz
DIT: David Krätschmer
Gaffer: Benjamin Erdenberger
Electricians: Hannes Adam, Oliver Schorch, Toni Schultz
Sound: Paul Glodek
Art Department: Geraldine Arnold
Runner: Paula Albrecht
Editor: Aleko Gotscheff
Color Grading: Nico Hauter, Arri Berlin Mitte
Sound Design: Studio 25
Musik: Studio 25 und Max Dusen
Übersetzung: Maya El-Auwad, Suleman Taufiq

Hares Al-Raad, Bahar, Kaygusuz, Bastian Wienecke, Duygu Dolunay, Gisela Günther-Zeller, Hüysein Nacaroglu, Jamela Adam-Beyala, Jona Hansen, Julia Zill, Larissa Wehr, Levi Geißler, Lisa Reisner, Lisa Richter, Mario Clement, Michelle Petersdorf, Mirijam Jeremic, Ninja Pristin, Noemi Dabrowski, Santiago Esteban Zabalo, Sylvain Mabe, Tabea Bethke, Tsellot Melesse, Paula Arnold, Paula Esteban Zill, Uli Zeller, Vadim Lawrowski

Special Thanks:
Birgit Unterweger, Caspar Unterweger, Cinegate, Fangfrisch Berlin, G wie Goulasch, Gärten der Welt, Jeppe Hein, Karoline Köber, Manuel Harder, Medias Reiseservice, Molinari & Ko, NAW Berlin, SEE YOU RENT, Zusammenleben Willkommen: Salma Arzouni, Claude Beier, Duygu Dolunay, Mareike Geiling, Mira Hellmich, Jonas Kakoschke, Julian Staiger, Saam Tabakhtory-Fard


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