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A beautifully shot short film and music video for Ladytron’s track, “Tower of Glass,” written and directed by Manuel Nogueira (previously featured here). Shot on location in Lajedo de Pai Mateus, a remote area of Cabaceiras in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, Nogueira’s film explores the tensions and contradictions of what it means to be alive today. The inspiration for the visuals emerged through conversations with the band’s own Daniel Hunt about the lyrics and music — the fragility of memory and time, and the sense of our culture cancelling itself out. While describing the film as a “commitment to what is not rational,” Nogueira offers this explanation:

“Time is compressed between our resistance to change and the urgency of the future. We lost the meaning of past and future. There is no time here, not any more. That absence of time gives us no pause. No time for negative values, for inherent happiness, for grief, for what is human and for what is divine. No time for love. Everything is in our hands at the same time. This lack of contrast, the super positivity, cancels itself in a loop of empty results. The only possible redemption is to accept the beauty of this fragile truth and learn to live and love the moment.”

Check out the short film above and the music video below, along with some stunning photos from the shoot!



Starring Larissa Porto & Saulo Rocha
Written, Directed & Edited by Manuel Nogueira
Executive Producers: Luciana Mattar, Gustavo Baldoni
Director of Photography: Juliano Lopes
Production Designer, Costume & Makeup Stylist: Alma Negrot
Original Song by Ladytron
Executive Production Coordinator: Maria Claudia Reis
Production Coordinator Assistant: Débora Lemes

Paraíba Unit Production:
Location Manager: Pablo Leite Buritti
Guide & Production Assistant: Gerson Lima
1st Camera Assistant: Hellen Braga
2nd Camera Assistant: Juliana Borghi
Electrician: Miltão
Assistant Electric: Luciano “Índio”
Color Correction: Sérgio Pasqualino at Bleach
Sound Designers: Manuel Nogueira, Daniel Hunt

In-House Production:
Executive Production Coordinator: Tathiana Pires
Production Coordinator Assistants: Grayce Félix, Lúcio Sulzbach, Ana Paula Araújo
Production Manager: Guilherme Valiengo
Production Assistant: Sérgio Somenek
Financial Controller: Bruno Teixeira
Payroll Accountant: Manuela Vianna
Post-Production Coordinators: André Serra, Natalia Herrera
Post-Production Supervisors: Rafael Bozzi, Marília Ramos
Post-Production Assistants: Danilo Ferreira, Henrique Freitas
Art Composing: Cadu Cipolla Luca, Francinaldo Lemos
Motion Designer: Raphael Santos
Drivers: Alessandro Araújo Mendes, Rogério Vicente de Souza
Camera – Filmes do Bem
Grip and Electric – Cabra Quente
Production Supplies – Águia Locações e Eco Limpeza

Secretaria de Turismo de Cabaceiras – PE
22 Locações

Song: “Tower of Glass”
Written by Daniel Hunt
Performed by Ladytron
Produced by Ladytron
Additional Production: Edd Hartwell & Jim Abbiss
Courtesy of Ladytron Music & !K7









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