Lots of dynamic visuals in this video for Vicente Navarro by Madrid-based director Guillermo Guerrero. Taking on the cultural symbol of toxic masculinity, “Toro” (Bull) depicts a man fighting between the masculine and feminine sides of himself.


Starring Esteban Garrido & Laura M. Fernández
A La Costa production
Directed by Guillermo Guerrero
Producer: Jesús Choya Zatarín
Production Assistant: Javier Estruch, Patricia Benito
Director of Photography: Enrique Millán
1St AC: Anastasia Arlazarova
Gaffer: Héctor Sánchez-Miguel, Jesús Morales
Art Director: Agoney González
Edit: Guillermo Guerrero
Color Grading: Enrique Millán


This video was submitted by Guillermo Guerrero and selected by our team. Click here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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