A beautiful meditation on the passage of time and what we notice when we pay attention to the mundane by Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based director and photographer Luke Orlando. The video came about during a road trip to Montréal, the city Orlando went to college. But what began as a 2 week visit quickly turned into 2 months of couch-surfing and nostalgic self-reflection. As Orlando explains:

“in that period of being lost, I found myself committing to making a music video for my friend Gabo (aka SmilesWithTeeth). The track is called ‘Love’ and right off the bat I was like ‘no way am I making a video about love between two people…’ so naturally I shifted to making a video about the spaces we love and how our love manifests in the objects we hold on to and the meaning we imbue them with. It’s the result of revisiting places I spent my formative years in, and encountering tangible nostalgia in the small details of my old home.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Artist: SmilesWithTeeth
Director: Luke Orlando
Cinematographer: Jonathan Brisebois
Producer: Ben Soussan + Niveau 2
Production Designer: Erika Loyola Andrade
AD: Gabriel J Pelletier
Gaffer: Harley Francis
Art PAs: Adrien Taret, Hana Shiraishi
Grip / Everything-man: Hakan Vaizoglu
Flame Artist: Tim Hendrix
Additional VFX: Dan Frantz
Color: Jacob McKee

Special thanks to: Anna Maria Trudel, Danny Spades,
Nico Adama, Mishka Kornai, Dan Carr,
Ariel Fisher, SLA, and Didier Charette / Cinelande


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