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Maria Wolff – “CTRL” - BOOOOOOOM TV - A daily selection of the best short films, music videos, and animations.

Nice off-beat energy to this video for Maria Wolff by Buenos Aires-born directing duo Rivoira Alen aka Josefina Alen and Carmen Rivoira. Produced by Pantera&Company (previously featured here), “CTRL” follows a series of vignettes reflecting the cynical and paranoid mood of the track.


Directed by Rivoira Alen (Josefina Alen & Carmen Rivoira)
Produced by Pantera&Company
EP: Manu Aguer
Producer: Paloma Torras
DOP: Pablo Bernst
AD: Julián Tagle, Abril Lucini
Art Direction: Valentina Luppino
Stylist: Marina Claypole, Carmen Alen, Rocio Ortiz
Make-Up & Hair: Cecilia Bukovac
PA: Ivan Moscovich, Lucila Farrel
Steadycam: Joaquín Silvatici
Steadycam Assist: Leandro Laimson
Focus Puller: Rodrigo Sanchez
Loader: Ramiro Diaz Guzman
Key Grip: Jocha Palacios
Grip: Leonardo Daniele
Art Asist: Delfina Gavalda, Emanuel Fernandez
Post Coordinator: Mauro Caporossi 
VFX: Diego Gardeñes
Edit: Josefina Alen / Eric Fernández
Grading: Alejandro Armaleo

Maria Wolff
Adrián Rivoira
Kevin Wolff
Natalia Malamute
Joaquin Pesce
María Tezanos Pinto
Indiana Kohen Lumer
Rosa Rivoira
Alejo Pichot
Diana Szeinblum
Valentina Posleman
Ramiro Birriel
Angela Quevedo

Thanks to Wilson Chang, Teresa Zaefferer, Marcelo Lucini, Sean Wolff, Federico Bramanti, Florencia Bianco, Maite Filmus, Marina Cahen D’Anvers, Bianca Collosi, Carzoglio, Coca93 Studio


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