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Great video for Peach Pit’s track “Feelin’ Low (F*ckboy Blues)” by Vancouver-based director Lester Lyons-Hookham (previously featured here). The track explores the feeling of constantly flip-flopping between wanting more connections with people and purposefully pulling away from social situations. As lead singer Neil Smith explains further:

“Last year our friends threw a wrestling-themed surprise party for our bud Daniel’s birthday – I can’t remember exactly why, but I was feeling really down about something so I decided not to go. The video for ‘Feelin’ Low’ was inspired by that party and really conveys the experience of being surrounded by lots of people yet still feeling seemingly alone.”


Director: Lester Lyons-Hookham
Cinematographer: Bryn Mccashin
1st AC: Olly Bian
Edit: Lester Lyons-Hookham
Colourist: David Tomiak @ RAW Camera
Lab: Metropolis Post NYC
Production Co: C’est La Vid
Label: Columbia Records USA
Commissioner: Saul Levitz
Mgmt: Sarah Fenton / Watchdog


This video was submitted by Lester Lyons-Hookham and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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