A poetic visualization of the role of technology in our relationships for De La Romance. Directed by Etienne Larragueta for Sanning, “Magnificat” explores the cult of modern connectedness through a series of unsettling facial distortions and contorted movement.


Theresa Butchenson
Damien Gabriel Aratohn
Mamadou Bathily
Zac David

Directed by Etienne Larragueta
Music by De La Romance featuring Vimala
Produced by SANNING™
Commissioned by Hold On Music
DOP: Amine Berrada
1st AC: Martin Robiquet
1st AC Camera Test: Katia Hamnane
Production Designer: Rafael Mathé
Stylist: Brian Placide
Costume Designer: Marie Maurin
MUA: Céline Lanclume
Casting Director: Rémi Felipe
Flame Artist: Matthieu Plessis
Alchimist: Thomas Vanz
Colorist: Guillaume Schmitter
Production Manager: Laetitia Snaoui
Production Coordinator: Pierre Signoret
Production Service: James English Productions
Lanzarote Producer: Zachary David
Lanzarote Gaffer: Alejandro Majote
Postproduction Coordinator: Vincent Fleischmann
Graphic design by Maison Solide

with support from Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

Providers: Vantage (Marina Jégo), Video Activo, Cosmik Video, Cininter, Screen Data, Kodak, DLP Paris, Hertz, Cargo
Styling: Innangelo, Marion Vidal, Moohong, EKMEKCY
Special Thanks: Kathia Saul, Cédric Choppin


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