A stylish period piece for Thelomis Danube by Paris-based director Anthelme Dubois (previously featured here). Set in German-occupied Paris during WWII, “Crépuscule en mineur” tells the story of a man and woman who develop feelings for each other while trying to make their mark in the underground jazz world. The video was shot last summer in Paris on 16mm film by cinematographer Louis Evennou. As for the concept, Dubois shares:

“I like to think of music videos as ways to tell dense stories in a very short time. And this song, with its melancholic piano chords and that haunting female voice, immediately gave me the idea of an impossible love story between two jazz musicians. While doing research for the video, I learned about the Zazous – young people during WWII who wore zoot suits, listened to jazz and liked to mock Nazis and policemen. Kind of a 1940’s punk movement. I thought it would be the perfect setting for the narrative I had in mind.”

Watch above and check out some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot below!


Martin Van Eeckhoudt
Clara Antoons
Charly Bouthemy
Keivan Javanchir

Director: Anthelme Dubois
Director of Photography: Louis Evennou
Production Manager: Lucie Cheriaux
1st Camera Assistant: Zoé Mention
2nd Camera Assistant: Katia Hamnane
Electricity & Machinery: Paul Cloux, Maxime Rigole
Stage Managers: Louise Brunswic, Léopold Paillet, Émilien Richard
Dressers: Marie-Pauline Rollet, Yasmine Benaceur
Make-up & Hair: Charlotte Scully
Editing: Anthelme Dubois





Anthelme Dubois on Vimeo

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