An intercultural couple embark on a journey to resolve the world’s language barriers in this unique collaboration from directors Udo Lee and Nils Clauss of production company CONTENTED. “In Flux” follows Chinese family therapist Somi and her partner, Jin, a doctor for traditional Korean medicine. Combining their research expertise with their own relationship experience, the pair attempt to create an elixir that will unlock the secret to telepathic communication.

The film was initially made for a group exhibition, titled “Moving & Migration,” at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art and the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Migration in its current form is a relatively recent phenomenon in South Korea and the accompanying rise in international marriage became the starting point for the project. As the directors explain:

“We made IN FLUX to explore a different view on multiculturalism, also but not only in Korea. Rather than reproducing the narrative of hegemonic concepts of multiculturalism, IN FLUX drifts off to a more poetic idea of multiculturalism as a catalyst for a new reality – an unpredictable process that carries the potential for unknown beauty and is not something to be feared and controlled. By doing that, IN FLUX describes multiculturalism as a constant stream of becoming, instead of locking it down to a fixed, prescribed meaning.”


Xuemi Du
Jaejin Park
Hanchul Kang
Yoosuk Kim

Produced by Mini Kim
Executive Producer: Yoonseo Kim (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art)
Writer & Director: Nils Clauss, Udo Lee
Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist: Nils Clauss
Sound Recordist, Music Composer, Re-recording Mixer: Udo Lee
Graphic Designer: In-Ah Shin


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